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Karma Work

The Karma work is the most central field worked out by KarmaArt. Here we look at life experiences as learning opportunities in trying to find karmic backgrounds of daily life events and their hidden learning tasks. The aim is to free imprisoned forces that we need for our development, our projects and our creativity.
There are 3 main stages, with specific exercises for each stage to keep a healthy balance and positivity while going on a journey of self discovery. The 3 stages are:
recognizing and understanding the meaning of your life experiences
transforming old resistances to new capacities
reordering your life according to your freed potential and rediscovered life task

Destiny Learning I
The aim is to perceive experiences of your own life as learning material, to understand their hidden meaning. Karmic knots from the past are recognized as positive elements for your journey of self realization. Your learning task may be revealed, with a new sense of your place at this moment in the stream of time.

Destiny Learning II
The aim is to learn tools and methods to take on your destiny as your own concern. Gradually you can transform your self, especially where you felt imprisoned or as a victim, setting free the bound or consuming energies to actively create your life style.

Destiny Learning III and IV
As you change, your relationships with other people and your view on the environment also change. The aim is to extend our horizon and learn tools and methods to let free the karmic knots or patterns that hinder relationships. This is an individual inner learning process that grows through the night and has social consequences.
In the final stage you find a new significance for your life journey and your life intentions.