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Karma Praxis Weiterbildung

TRAINING: learning from destiny

Become a facilitator in destiny learning processes


Every year, the Karma Praxis training programme is launched at several locations for people who want to expand their professional field and for people who want to accompany others on their path.

It is an inner schooling and practical training.


The ‘destiny learning’ further training is meant for people who want to expand their professional field as well as for people who want to accompany others on their destiny.


By destiny learning (practical karma work) we understand the development of ourselves in the present, the moment between past and future, with the goal of taking our lives more and more into our own hands. We translate the term “karma” as, “Do what you have to do now.”

We ask ourselves the question, “Who are you really between the resulsts of the past and what is emerging from the future”?

We do not exclude that the present is a result of many lives, that karma connects, as a red thread, our many lives until it has found its transformation and fulfillment in the present. The one who learns to read the past through the present, understands better what wants to be born in the future. The further we can look back, the stronger future impulses show themselves. However, we leave the thought of reincarnation open and look at it with a research attitude.

In the karma work we connect the daily live with the highly spiritual, by learning to read in our footprints the spiritual intentions. This way we more and more become aware of ourselves and we will develop our the higher self.


The goal of this training is on the one hand a deep self-awareness and self-education, on the other hand competences should be awakened and trained, which enable independent, practical work with destiny of yourself and of others. One’s own karmic knots are to be recognized and transformed.

In doing so, it is important to become aware of the resistance beings as well as the helper beings that accompany us in a hindering or supporting way. Self-awareness is the gateway to this work.

The further education has as a goal to train people in order to:

  • to develop themselves further
  • to move more creatively and freely in everyday life and professional practice,
  • to learn to accompany individual persons on their path of destiny, karma and reincarnation
  • to learn to accompany small groups in practical work on questions of destiny, karma and reincarnation
  • to expand one’s own professional practice.


Basically the approach is phenomenological, we do not work according to a fixed method but offer several artistic approaches. Fields of practice are one’s own processes, which will always be central, we start from one’s own everyday events.

Artistic approach: painting, modeling, body work, movement, mask work, music, constellation work.

Art will penetrate the whole course, its transforming, enlivening effects will be felt throughout and will enlighten the training.


In short lectures the psychology is extended with karma logic and the work with destiny is introduced.

Intensive observation exercises are part of all seminars, with the aim of training the eye for the karmic reality behind the outer appearances.

Practical application is practiced from the following points of view:

  • Transformational work, the development of image thinking and heart thinking,
  • encounter work,
  • partner work,
  • initiative work,
  • research.


The seminar is intended for:

  • Educators, teachers, counselors, people from social and healing professions, therapists, artists, …
  • For all people who want to make self-experiences in the practice of karma to make
  • transformation in themselves.

Admission requirements: Willingness to work on yourself, inner stability, openness to the idea of reincarnation.


The first themes are:

1. Destiny learning based on an everyday event ( method of Coenraad van Houten).

The first seminar is about learning to see a personal event in its karmic context. For this we work in small groups. By means of artistic processes and on the basis of the spoken word, the goal is to bring the karmic causes of an event in this life, a node, into visibility and experience. The karmic background of everyday events is allowed to become visible and thus shows the learning mission in this life.

2. Transforming destiny through art (modeling, painting, words, movement, constellation work).

The second seminar focuses on transformation processes. After the realization comes the transformation, first on an artistic level. Resistance needs to be accepted before it can be transformed. The goal of the seminar is the transformation of one’s own resistance. Various artistic methods are provided for this purpose. In addition to the transformation work there is the possibility of constellation work.

3. Work on shadows or doubles with the help of art (modeling, painting, words, movement, constellation work).

In the third seminar the working methods and confrontations are continued and deepened. Resistors can be identified as double beings. The karmic origin is expanded and deepened. Thereby the double serves as a bridge for karmic insights. By means of artistic activities the insights will be deepened. The goal is transformation.

4. Future karma with the help of imagination and heart-thinking.

While in the third seminar we worked more on the transformation of the past, now in the fourth seminar we turn our focus towards the future, with the help of the spiritual activities of thinking, feeling and willing. Imagination, inspiration and intuition play a role on the inner path. Meditation and image thinking (imagination) can be possibilities. The goal of the seminar is the development of a new and free future, 3,5 days.

Following these 4 themes on the personal work we offer seminars on the work with others.

5. Individual encounter.

The fifth seminar focuses on individual encounter work. The mystery of the encounter is used to learn about one’s own strengths and weaknesses. The encounter is used as an instrument to make the karma work possible, because it is a social event. The group becomes such a support so that the individual can grow beyond himself. The goal of the seminar is to make the mystery of encounter possible.

6. Relationship karma.

The sixth seminar focuses on relationship work in one’s own destiny network. The Parzival question: What will save you? becomes the main question. It is now a matter of diving into the karma of the other person. The ability to step into the shoes of the other enables to resolve conflicts with others. The focus is directed from the I to the You in order to recognize and understand the other.

7. Transforming the relationship, relationship double.

The seventh seminar focuses on transformational work. The world and the individual emerge from each other and are mutually dependent. The goal of the seminar is to learn tools for relationship work. Constellation work, visualizations, etc.

8. The karmic, helping conversation.

In the eighth seminar the focus is on the karmic conversation. The goal is to work out methods for this and to make accompaniment possible. Individual and group work will be deepened in the face-to-face between me and you. It is about helping without helping, meeting each other at eye level and becoming a companion in destiny of my counterpart.

9. The karmic helping conversation, deepening, weekend.

In the ninth seminar the exercises and methods of the previous seminar will be repeated and deepened in order to achieve inner freedom.

10. Initiative Karma, the future, 4 days.

In the tenth seminar, one’s own karmic initiative is envisioned. Now finally the way forward can be taken, the future is allowed to express itself in the present, each individual can now find the way towards his own creations. The goal is to walk into the emerging future with one’s own contributions.


Jaak Hillen, Judith Supenkämper, Katja Schultz, Gundula Tschepe


The costs for the entire training programme can be obtained from the respective initiative holder.


Bochum Germany

About training at Freiburg: judith.supenkaemper (at)

Trainings in Switzerland: dorothee.vogel (at)

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