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Create your own destiny

Network for practical and creative work on your destiny

Who are you and why is life unfolding as it is?

& ‘Karma Art’ is a practical and creative way of learning from your destiny.
& The forces generated by untying the karmic knots will energize your projects and your new creations.
& The aim is to learn to take life as a piece of art, building on it as a basic stone to contribute to a ‘world wide artwork’.

Who we are

Co-creating network

We are a group of people that are active in doing and developing the practical and artistic learning from destiny. We do this by providing a meeting ground for practitioners of this work through conferences, meetings, trainings, practising groups, research groups, platforms,  …

What we do


+ Introduction courses in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Russia, Canada, …


+ Karma Praxis training in Bochum (D)
+ Artistic further training for Karma Coaches

How you connect

More about us

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an art work

We see life as an art piece where destiny or karma is seen as the best opportunity to find the next step. Imagine a painting that is developed till a certain extend. How will you go on? What is the best you could do at this moment? And maybe one layer consists only of one life.

Work on your destiny

The karma research stands on 3 pillars:

  • deepening the observation – perceiving becomes seeing

  • acting creatively out of the now – from the past towards the future or out of the future towards the past

  • the work with transformation processes – see theory-U from Otto Scharmer, working with life-processes from C. v. Houten, the creation process from Jaak Hillen

Four stages are identified:

  • learn from your own destiny

  • free yourself from old karma

  • transform your relationships

  • take new initiatives and create

we are connected

Our qualities


De basics of the work is the observation. The starting point is what we see and feel. From there we dive in deeper levels of destiny. Our trainings will change your lives and relationships and initiatives in a concrete way.


We work with artistic media such as: drawing, painting, working with clay, body sculpture, movement, role playing, sound. The produced works are used as catalysator for the karma research.


The human being is considered to consist out of body, soul and spirit. Our work is based on these levels. The instruments we work with are: the thinking, the feelings and the will. The question of reincarnation is taken serious.